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Pièces de 30g à 30kg
Jusqu’à 500 x 600mm

Production de pièces à noyau

Livraison pièces série sous 3 semaines

Production en petite série…

Production en moyenne série…

Production en grande série

Prix compétitifs

Expédition dans le monde entier

Réseau performant de sous-traitance

With more than 40 years of foundry experience, NDC Foundry supports you in the development of your projects.


With more than 40 years of foundry experience, NDC Foundry supports you in the development of your projects.

With great responsivness, our technical office and our sales department will follow you and bring you their technical expertise and performant solutions to jointly conceive the product that will meet your technical and financial expectations as well as your deadline.

The technical office supports the creation of tools series, realized in-house, besides the projects of new prototypes.

He is also involved in an ongoing optimization of products and manufacturing process, in cooperation with other company’s units.

Tools & Cores

NDC Foundry integrates shells and core manufacturing workshop into its production lines. This know-how guarantees the quality of the realisations and the respect of deadlines.

The shell and core box manufacturing workshop preserves in-house the mastery of this historical industrial know-how. The three machining centers allow the realization of tools in a short time. Our teams also guarantee a regular maintenance and repair of shells.

Our shell production process allows the production of cored parts. On the basis of the plans developed by the technical office, the workshop ensures the production of sand cores, which are used directly in production, to create the desired concavities in the parts.

Thermal treatment

The entire NDC Foundry production runs through one of our two heat treating furnaces, an essential step in the production chain.

This ferritization treatment frees all the internal stresses of the parts as well as removes any hard points that could alter the machining. This gives them great dimensional stability during and after machining.

The passage in the fournace decarbonise surfaces parts, which makes them easily weldable.


NDC Foundry is now equipped with a high speed CNC turning center. It has a large bore, a high power and a fast cut to offer a high-performance machining solution.

This center allows, among other things, to turn street furniture. With iron casting in metal dies we obtain parts of unique surface quality, particularly after turning.


In order to offer the most complete service to our customers, NDC Foundry collaborates with a wide range of subcontractors: machining, assembly and surface treatment (painting, cataphoresis …) in accordance with the delivery schedules.

NDC Foundry has a network of certified subcontractors, selected for their performance and reliability. Our partners are regularly audited as part of the IATF 16949: 2016 Automotive Certification, in order to guarantee quality and compliance in accordance with the specifications of our customers.

Logistic - Export

With more than 70% of our export activity and nearly 40 years of experience, NDC Foundry is able to offer you a logistic package tailored to your needs, everywhere in the world and according to the mode of transport of your choice. The packages can be adapted upon request and according to the destination.

Our goal is the respect of delivery times.

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