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Unique process

NDC Foundry is worldwide leader in cast iron produced in metal die.

The permanent metal mold gives the shape to the parts and ensure a very fast cooling rate. The heat treatment gives to cast iron a dense 100% ferritic structure with extremely fine lamellar graphite and plenty of other qualities to the parts.

Advantages of the shell permanent metal mold


The fine graphite flakes with a 100% ferritic structure allow an IMPROVED MACHINABILITY

Surface condition

The fine graphite flakes confer, after machining EXCELLENT SURFACE CONDITION

Water tightness

The stiffness of the shell gives an increased compactness to cast iron and ensures WATER TIGHTNESS

Dimensional Stability


Limited machining allowances

Cast iron in metal die requires LIMITED MACHINING ALLOWANCES

Easy welding

Thermal treatment of the parts allows EASY WELDING

Applications of the shell permanent metal mold

Machinability is greatly improved compared to sand-cast iron, thanks to its 100% ferritic structure and the extremely fine graphite flakes that reduce cutting efforts.

A CETIM* study reports a gain of +20% of productivity, obtained in feed speed, reduced cutting tools wear and less stoppages for changing tools.

Enhanced water tightness and pression resistance are obtained by the shell stiffness, that counteracts the swelling of cast iron. The graphitic expansion of cast iron is therefore limited and allows an increased compactness of the material. Fine graphite flakes, obtained by fast cooling of cast iron in the shell, avoids a notch effect, thereby improving pression resistance and fatigue.

Excellent surface condition guaranteed by fine graphite flakes, which give to machined surfaces a smooth appearance without wrenching of material. Casting in metal die gives parts a better polishing than sand casting.


*Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques

Worldwide leader in cast iron produced in metal die, Cast iron for hydraulic applications